NxWorries Share Album Art & Tracklisting For Why Lawd?

NxWorries (anderson.paak and Knxwledge) unveil the artwork and tracklisting for their sophomore album Why Lawd? The duo’s first album was the two of them but this time they have company from Snoop Dogg, October London, Thundercat, Earl Sweatshirt and more. Why Lawd? can be pre-ordered in standard and colored vinyl. There is a 2LP audiophile edition and a 2LP with a different cover by Rhymezlikedimez. A limited cassette and CD will also be available. The digital version will be released a week later. Why Lawd? comes out June 7th.


                                                                                  Why Lawd? Tracklisting 

1. ThankU feat. Dave Chappelle

2. 86Sentra

3. MoveOn

4. KeepHer feat. Thundercat

5. Distractions

6. Lookin’

7. Where I Go feat. H.E.R.

8. Daydreaming

9. FromHere feat. Snoop Dogg & October London

10. FallThru

11. Battlefield

12. HereIAm

13. OutTheWay feat. Rae Khalil

14. SheUsed

15. MoreOfIt


17. DistantSpace

18. WalkOnBy feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Rae Khalil

19. EvnMore

Media Questions Of The Week

Why is TufAmerica, Inc. suing Universal Music Group for the sample of The Honey Drippers’ “Impeach The President” in Mary J. Blige’s 1992 song “Real Love” 32 years later? 



NxWorries (anderson.paak & Knxwledge) Reveal 86Sentra Single & Announce Why Lawd? Album

NxWorries has a new album on the way titled Why Lawd? and “86 Sentra” is the first single to emerge from their new project. It was eight years ago when they released Yes Lawd! Anderson.Paak’s solo career took off and he released the Silk Sonic album with Bruno Mars and he performed at the Super Bowl with Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar. “86 Sentra” is a straight brag and the cartoon visual by Rhymezlikedimez has Paak looking like a pimp. Why Lawd? will also have previous singles, “Daydreaming” and “Where I Go” featuring H.E.R. Anderson.Paak and Knxwledge’s NxWorries’ album Why Lawd? comes out on June 7th. 


Full Crate Remixes Jungle’s Back On 74

Full Crate has remixed Jungle’s viral hit “Back On 74.” The song from the British production duo was a TikTok favorite in 2023 because of Shay Latukolan’s choreography direction. Full Crate slows things down and adds bass, piano, and more vocals. The original is peppy but Full Crate’s version is a laidback groove suited for relaxing and a different kind of dancing. Simon Andre and Joshua Bryant played the basslines and keys on the remix. Jungle’s “Back On 74” is from their fourth studio album Volcano