Throwback:Young-Holt Unlimited-Soulful Strut



Bassist Eldee Young and drummer Isaac “Redd” Holt met when both were members of a band called The Westside Cleffs. The Chicago natives met Ramsey Lewis who was also a member of the band and soon after formed The Ramsey Lewis Trio. When the trio hit its commercial peak in 1965 with “The In Crowd” they disbanded and the two musicians formed The Holt Young Trio and signed a recording deal with Brunswick Records. The band had their first success with the single “Wack Wack” from their 1966 debut album. By the fourth album they had changed their name to Young-Holt Unlimited and established themselves with “Soulful Strut.” They continued to make albums until 1973 even covering “Light My Fire” by The Doors and Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly but “Soulful Strut” remained their calling card to fame. Eldee Young passed in 2007 and Isaac Holt continues to work as a musician.