Media Questions Of The Week

1. How well will Whitney Houston’s new album do after hearing the classic sounding “Million Dollar Bill?”
2. How hot will the video be for “Run This Town?”

3.Is it necessary for Christopher Wallace’s son to start a rap career right now?

Media Questions Of The Week


1. Now that Michael’s kids have said they want to live with their aunt Janet will she get custody and raise them?

2. Now that Paul McCartney finally admits he and Michael’s friendship ended becauseMichael Jackson bought the Beatles’ publishing isn’t it cool how Michael bought Little Richard’s as well and gave it back to Richard for no charge?

3. What will be the outcome of Whitney Houston’s comeback?

Whitney Houston At The Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party 2009

King Dream Chorus And Holiday Crew-King Holiday

[youtube id=”5Y7Qy7VrWxk”]

“King Holiday” was recorded and released in 1986 and it happened because Dexter King called Kurtis Blow to ask for him help raising money for the King Foundation. Blow wrote the song with Phil Barnes and Melle Mel. Together they were able to organize a diverse group of R&B and hip-hop stars from the ’80’s to make the song and video a reality.