Westbound Records Returns With DJ Mark The 45 King Beats Project

Detroit’s legendary Westbound Records is returning with new music from hip-hop producer DJ Mark The 45 King. The label is most known for releasing Funkadelic’s classic records in the ’70 including Maggot Brain before they went to Warner Brothers. They also released The Ohio Players’ Pain, Pleasure, and Ecstasy albums during the same time period and hit their commercial rise with The Clark Sisters’ 1983 hit “You Brought The Sunshine.” Mark The 45 King has been producing for over three decades crafting songs for so many like Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life,” Eminem’s “Stan” and Queen Latifah’s debut album. The Bronx native earned his name from the ability to make music using rare 45s. His “The 900 Number” was immortalized on Yo! MTV Raps as Ed Lover’s dance song. Westbound opened up its vault and gave King access to unreleased music from The Ohio Players and their late bandmember Junie Morrison to create new beats. The music will be a 7-inch box set of five 45s called Westbound Beats. King’s latest work will reintroduce Westbound Records through his foundational hip-hop lens and has a scheduled release date of June 24th. Pre-order now.