Media Questions Of The Week

Will Patti LaBelle’s breakfast products become as popular as her pies? 

Does The Woman King starring Viola Davis tell the truth about the Dahomey people and their involvement in the slave trade? 

Media Questions Of The Week


Will Netflix respond to Dionne Warwick and create a series about her life with Teyana Taylor starring as her? 


What would The Bodyguard have been like if it was made with Diana Ross as originally planned in 1979 before Whitney Houston took the role of Rachel Marron in 1992?

Will Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman receive Academy Award nominations for their lead roles in Netflix’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom? 

Media Questions Of The Week


[youtube id=”cfYfbiIECps”]

Is Viola Davis’s opinion about colorism in America and Hollywood expressed in an interview with Joy-Ann Reid at the Women In The World Summit accurate? 


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Is the problem between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B regarding Nicki’s original verse being removed from the “Motorsports” single real or staged? 

Will the Destiny’s Child reunion at Coachella tonight lead to a new album from them? 


Viola Davis Wins Best Supporting Actress At The 2017 Golden Globe Awards

[youtube id=”maxrpiA2dnM”] Viola Davis won her first Golden Globe Award tonight and she won for Best Supporting Actress in the August Wilson play Fences. She was later asked a question about Donald Trump and explained that America’s problem is bigger than Trump.