Tuxedo: The Tuxedo Way

Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One share new music from their Tuxedo project and the song is called “The Tuxedo Way.” The track is party music celebrating the eternal life of funk and their love for it. Two years ago the duo released Tuxedo II and have been off and on the road ever since their sophomore album reasserted their affection for sounds from the ’80s. They will be touring all summer and tickets are on sale now. 

Tuxedo Gets Ready For The Seasons With Holiday Love

Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One acknowledge this time of the year with “Holiday Love” from their Tuxedo partnership. The song is in line with their love of ’80s funk and it’s really about sharing the holidays with the one you love instead of materialism. “Holiday Love” is a gift from the duo to their fans for Xmas and follows the tradition of R&B Christmas music. 

Tuxedo & Zapp Perform Shy On Conan

[youtube id=”loPlUnygzmQ”] Tuxedo and Zapp perform “Shy” on Conan and bring ’80s funk into 2018. They made the whole retro scene complete with dancers on rollerskates. Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One released Tuxedo II last year.

Tuxedo Collaborates With Zapp On Shy

Tuxedo made one of their dreams come true and collaborated with Zapp on the new single “Shy.” Mayer Hawthorne sings to a lady sitting all alone at a club and encourages her to dance. The late Roger Troutman’s band still tours and puts on a show worth seeing. It is no surprise that Tuxedo would want to work with one of their idols. The duo released their Tuxedo II album last year and have been on the road nonstop. “Shy” is a testament to their undying love for the funk and their relentless creativity.