He Was Never There, Docupoem Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Weeknd’s My Dear Melancholy

[youtube id=”ZHBYGpAlNog”] He Was Never There, Docupoem is a behind the scenes look at The Weeknd’s My Dear Melancholy recording sessions. The grainy video shows him smoking, singing and picking out the songs for the six-song EP that had the internet talking and made No. 1 on the Billboard charts. 

The Weeknd: My Dear Melancholy EP Stream

The Weeknd follows his 2016 Grammy-winning Starboy album with the six-song My Dear Melancholy EP. There is production from Mike Will Made It, Skrillex and more. He’s been on the road touring and getting ready for his performance at Coachella in April. 

The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar: Pray For Me (Audio)

[youtube id=”K5xERXE7pxI”] “Pray For Me” is a collaboration with The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar for the Black Panther soundtrack. The movie has already sold more pre-sale tickets than all other superhero movies. Lamar revealed the tracklisting to the soundtrack yesterday and it can also be ordered before the February 11th release date.

Media Questions Of The Week

Will Oprah run for president in 2020?

Why did H & M run an ad campaign with a little Black boy wearing a sweatshirt referring to himself as a “coolest monkey in the jungle” when there have been racist stereotypes about Black people being equated to monkeys for decades?

[youtube id=”kQ1Zcv54USA”]

Why wasn’t Taraji P. Henson’s Proud Mary promoted more?


Did President Trump really refer to Africa, El Salvador and Haiti as “shithole countries?”