The Underachievers-Evermore: The Art Of Duality Documentary

[youtube id=”H7YkRxz6s4g”] The Underachievers have released their documentary, Evermore: The Art Of Duality and it is the story of how they emerged from Flatbush, Brooklyn to become fully employed rappers.

The Underachievers-Evermore: The Art Of Duality Stream


The Underachievers’s Evermore: The Art Of Duality comes out September 25th but NPR is streaming the album now. The Brooklyn duo still have their philosophical nature and love for their Brooklyn origins. They will go on tour at the beginning of October and their sophomore album is available for pre-order.

The Underachievers-Chasing Faith Rain Dance & Allusions

[youtube id=”rKbvHYkEyng”]

The Underachievers took their songs “Chasing Faith,” “Rain Dance” and “Allusions” to create one video for all three songs. They filmed the video in the Mojave Desert and the Sunset Strip using Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas as the theme. Evermore:The Art of Duality is ready for pre-order.

The Underachievers-Amorphous Feat. Portugal The Man

[youtube id=”m3BYPleySY0″]

The Underachievers release their video for the Generation-Y critiquing “Amorphous” from their Cellar Door album.