Throwback: The Skinny Boys-Jockbox


[youtube id=”3Hja7koJ7wo”]

Superman Jay, Shockin’ Shawn and The Human Jock Box were a three-man hip-hop group from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Their first release was the 1985 single “Awesome” on the Bush record label. “Jockbox” is from their Warlock Records-released first album Weightless. The song was influenced by The Fat Boys and is a crucial snapshot of ’80’s hip-hop because it shows how central the human beatbox was before it disappeared under the weight of the producer. Jive released two more albums from The Skinny Boys and they had hot singles with “Skinny and Proud” and “Skinny (They Can’t Get Enough).” “Jockbox” later became the theme to the Comedy Central show Workaholics.