Throwback: Ja’net DuBois-Movin’ On Up The Jeffersons Theme Song


The Jeffersons was a TV sitcom that aired on CBS from 1975-85. The show was centered around characters George and Louise Jefferson played by Sherman Helmsley and Isabel Sanford. They were initially the working class neighbors of Judith and Archie Bunker on the show All In The Family. George Jefferson would become a successful small business owner by eventually acquiring five dry cleaning stores started with money won in a lawsuit. This story of economically graduating from working to middle class inspired the show’s theme song “Movin’ On Up” which was co-written by Ja’net DuBois and Jeff Barry. DuBois performed the song with a gospel choir and is famous for playing the fashionable gossip monger Willona Woods on Good Times. The Jeffersons produced 253 episodes and became an iconic show of the time before ending in 1985.