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Why is TufAmerica, Inc. suing Universal Music Group for the sample of The Honey Drippers’ “Impeach The President” in Mary J. Blige’s 1992 song “Real Love” 32 years later? 



Throwback: The Honey Drippers-Impeach The President

[youtube id=”wqbEsS5kFb8″] Soul singer Roy Hammond recorded “Impeach The President” in 1973 with a group of students from Jamaica High School in Jamaica, Queens called The Honey Drippers. The song was a response to President Nixon’s Watergate scandal and Congress’s process to impeach him before he ultimately resigned from office. Hammond had a hit record in 1965 with “Shotgun Wedding” recorded under his given name and Roy C.  After “Shotgun Wedding” he had a series of minor hits during the ’60’s which he released on his Alaga label. “Impeach The President” became one of the most recycled songs because of its use in so many hip-hop and R&B productions including music from Marley Marl, Janet Jackson, Mary J.Blige, Frank Ocean, Dr. Dre and so many others. Hammond has never been compensated for the use of “Impeach The President” and has posted on his website that Aaron Fuchs fraudulently gained ownership of the song’s rights. The singer/songwriter/label owner does not perform anymore but he still runs his Carolina Record Distributors in Allendale, South Carolina.