Uncle Imani-Paper$$$

Uncle Imani of the Pharcyde is back with this new single “Papers” and Ta’Raach is responsible for the production. This song is the prelude to his Problaccmajik album that will come out sometime this year.

Ubiquity Nov ’09 Release: SA-RA Creative Partners – Love Czars II 12” w/ Serato Tone + Jay Electronica & Ta’Raach

This is not a remix (the music is completely different), and in a clash of heavyweight new schoolers, it features red hot MC/producer Jay Electronica and Ta’Raach on the mic. Also included is “Powder Bump”, a SA-RA track previously unavailable on vinyl.

Please note that this is a very special limited release with the music on one side and the Serato tone on the flip of colored vinyl! This is an official Serato Control Vinyl release which works as a conventional 12” release on Side A, and is a Serato Control Vinyl release on Side B.

Guest MC Jay Electronica is a rapper and producer initially known for his use of film soundtracks as a background for his abstract lyrical style, and his associations with Erykah Badu, Just Blaze and Nas. He produced the first track, “Queens Get the Money”, on the 2008 Nas album Untitled. The unconventional nature of much of his music (he often rhymes over tracks with no beats), and the lack of conventional release methods for that music, have made him the object of much attention. He is perhaps best known for the piece of music Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) and several other unreleased tracks available for a short time on his MySpace page. However he has released music earlier this year on the Decon label and is rumored to have recently cut a major deal. He is, at time of writing, on tour with Mos Def and Erykah Badu.

Guest MC Ta’Raach appeared on the PPP “Triple P” album, but has since been making waves with his own Lovelution Records and made an immediate impression on Erykah Badu who described him as “incredible,” adding “(he is…) gonna’ be really big.”