Throwback: Sylvia-Pillow Talk

[youtube id=”NA2X1040_gY”] Sylvia Robinson is mostly thought of for co-founding Sugar Hill Records with her husband Joe Robinson but she was also a songwriter, record producer, talent scout and a solo artist. She wrote “Pillow Talk” for Al Green but he declined it for religious reasons so she recorded herself for the Vibration label she co-founded with her husband. The soft music and Robinson’s sensuous breathing always reminds disco fans of Donna Summer’s “Love To Love You Baby” even though it was released in 1973 which was two years before Summer’s record. “Pillow Talk” was a number one single on the Soul charts and did well on Billboard’s Hot 100. Robinson had success with a couple more hits on the Vibration label and recorded a total of four solo albums before she spent the rest of her career as a pioneering hip-hop label owner and visionary.