The Red Hot Chili Pepper Rock In Rio Madrid 2012

The Red Hot Chili Peppers covered Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” for their 1989 album, Mother’s Milk. Bass player Flea said the band recorded the song as a tribute to Wonder’s influence on popular music. Their critically acclaimed version was an example of the funk metal style of the whole album.Continue Reading

Stevie Wonder BST Hyde Park 7/6/19

Stevie Wonder’s “You’ve Got It Bad Girl” came out in 1972 and this time period was the beginning of his artistic voice breaking away from the Motown machine. Talking Book was Wonder’s 15th album, released later in the same year after Music Of My Mind. Wonder had a new contractContinue Reading

James Jamerson

James Jamerson’s bass anchored numerous hits for Motown records and has been an endless inspiration for so many players after him. As a member of studio musician band The Funk Brothers, his sound became part of the company’s identity. The Temptation’s “My Girl,” Stevie Wonder’s “I Was Made To LoveContinue Reading