Throwback: Showbiz & A.G.- Next Level Nyte Time Mix

[youtube id=”oG1_2D98j40″] Showbiz and A.G. were members of New York’s D.I.T.C. collective. Their presence as a duo gave the Bronx a hip-hop rebirth during a time when Queens and Brooklyn were dominating the music. “Next Level” is from their sophomore album Goodfellas and DJ Premier’s Nyte Time mix wrapped a subtle saxophone, felt-tipped bass, snares, scratches and a faint bell to capture the feelings and sounds of a night in the gritty part of the boroughs. “Next Level” was a hot street record and had visibility on the charts. It became popular again when it appeared on the 8 Mile soundtrack years later. Showbiz and A.G. took a break from their own music for a while and focused on their work with D.I.T.C. They have released multiple solo projects but still make music together. In 2017, they released their Take It Back album.