Tall Black Guy Shares Black Is Feat. Ozay Moore, DSTL, Sareem Poems & Rich Medina

Tall Black Guy ponders what “Black Is” and gets answers from Ozay Moore, DSTL, Sareem Poems & Rich Medina. The song is hip-hop poetry soul that finds each of them making critical observations about the state of being Black and affirming the person they see in the mirror every day. Tall Black Guy’s blissful groove starts with a sample of The Last Poets’ “Black Is Chant” and ends with Medina’s words. The new song is out now and coincides with this year’s Black History Month. 

Sareem Poems: I Don’t Know Produced By Newselph

Sareem Poems kicks off 2020 with “I Don’t Know” produced by Newselph. The emcee has questions about urban economic struggles, segregation and the need to observe someone’s heart to truly know them. He doesn’t present the typical politician promises of knowing all but is willing to admit he has questions around a number of issues. The duo collaborated on their full-length 88 To Now album that was released last year. 

Sareem Poems & Newselph Add To The Summer Playlist With This Life Feat. James Gardin & Macklyn

Sareem Poems and Newselph offer “This Is Life” the second single from their upcoming album and it has appearances from James Gardin and Macklyn. Newselph’s soulful production plays host to a mini gospel experience as Poems and Gardin share their joy for everything from love to Marvin Gaye. Macklyn sings the freedom-loving refrain on the song that ends with Poems’ final words. 


Sareem Poems, James Gardin, Sivion, Sojourn & Tee-Wyla “Work For It!”

Sareem Poems, Sivion, Sojourn and James Gardin collaborate over Tee-Wyla’s house music style production on “Work For It!” The motivational track is a remedy for the lazy who won’t accept the first rule of goal achievement. The single is available as a free download and the three-version album can be purchased from online retailers.