Sa-Roc-Lost Sunz

[youtube id=”_NeuGi_aqlI”]

Sa-Roc’s “Lost Sunz” is a love letter to the social traps faced by the Black masses. Nebuchadnezzar came out this past summer.

Sa-Roc-Who Am I Feat. David Banner

Sa-Roc’s Afrocentric identity rap has company from David Banner. “Who Am I” is from the deluxe version of Nebuchadnezzar that came out yesterday.

Sa-Roc-Code Of Hammurabi

[youtube id=”Lz9IB5FdI8g”]

“Code Of Hammurabi” is D.C. rapper Sa-Roc’s promise to obliterate all competitors who wish to challenge her master of the microphone but she doesn’t actually talk about the Code Of Hammurabi. You can preview her Babylon album on iTunes.