Cookiee Kawaii Teams Up With Rocky Snyda For Let Me Rock

New Jersey-based Cookiee Kawaii and Rocky Snyda partner for the club/RnB single “Let Me Rock.”  Kawaii promises a seduction to a girlfriend with a pulsating beat and meandering synthesizer in the background. Snyda’s rap is a command to move hips in the bedroom and on the dancefloor as the pace accelerates. Kawaii describes “Let Me Rock” as a song  for “people who love club music but want more of a R&B vibe.” The single will be on her forthcoming Club Soda Vol. 3 album following her recently released “Pretty Girl.” It was 2021 when she released Vanice and Club Soda Vol. 2 arrived in 2020 not long after her viral introduction with “Vibe” in 2019. “Let Me Rock” is Kawaii’s latest assist to New Jersey’s club music legacy.