Listen: Rico Nasty & Boys Noize HVRDCORE DR3AMZ EP

Rico Nasty Boys Noize

Rico Nasty’s HARDCORE DR3AMZ EP with Boys Noize is heart-rate-raising club music. They previously released the techno single “Arintintin” and the video. Nasty’s usual lyrical fury is tossed in exchange for a popish delivery and steady upbeat energy. The rapper and German-Iraqi producer have successfully taken their chemistry into EDM territory. “Vvgina” featuring Locked Club is the hyperactive grandchild of Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.” “H.O.T.” is warmer than the other songs and has Miami Bass music in its DNA. She explained the intent behind “H.O.T.” in a statement.

We made ‘H.O.T.’ for our fans to enjoy during the summertime, riding around with the top down.  Let the haters know something and give the lurkers a show! Making this was so refreshing and reminded me that everything doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.”

Stream HARDCORE DR3AMZ and check out the visualizer for “H.O.T.” 


Rico Nasty & Boys Noize Announce EP With Arintintin Single

Credit: Jamie-Lee Boyd

Rico Nasty and Boys Noize are dropping their first EP together later this month. “Arintintin” is a hyper-techno single from the dance-oriented project titled HARDCORE DR3AMZ. The multi-genre Nasty and DJ/Producer Boys Noize previously worked together on “Money” with Flo Milli  and Noize’s “Girl Crush.” The rapper with the punk aesthetic explained their collaboration in a statement. 

“Me and Boys Noize started working back in 2018… We finally met in real life after being mutuals for like a year. We did one session, it was fire! And then a few months later ended up on the Friendship Cruise together (for the first time). After the cruise, we made “Money (feat. Flomilli)” and “1+1″ – a song you’ll hear very soon on this project. Fast forward again, maybe 3-4 years, and we did a couple more sessions. We kept gravitating towards techno dance music. He started putting me on to German dance music, and we traded a bunch of songs back and forth. Little by little over a few days, we ended up making three more songs that we really loved and decided we wanted to share with the world. Every session was so much fun and I’m sure that energy is felt across all of these tracks. One of my favorite songs on the project is… all of them. That’s why she is so short!! Talk to you later and see you guys soon.”

HARDCORE DR3AMZ comes on March 29th. Check out the video for “Arintintin.” 



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