Video Director Richie Mac Backs It Up to Number One

Hollywood, CA – Actor turned director, Richard McGregor aka Richie Mac is flexing his behind-the-scenes skills again! His innovative work with new artist, Colette Carr, is shattering the hip hop concepts defining most music videos. So much so, that the video behind Carr’s new single release, “Back It Up,” has been dancing in the Number One slot for several weeks at MTVMusic.com, surpassing both Beyonce and Lady Gaga! “Back It Up” is currently the top ten most viewed video on mtvmusic.com behind Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

In addition, both director and artist have caught the attention of Nick Cannon and his company NCredible Entertainment. Cannon has expressed his admiration via several Tweets to his expansive fan base, fueling additional video views and Mac is slated to direct the next video for Nick Cannon’s new artist, Aaron Fresh.

In “Back It Up,” Mac takes Colette, a young artist out of Malibu, CA, and magically redefines the imagery behind her very funky hip hop beats. Instead of back lots, cars and vixens, the setting is the “Skitszo Ward,” with Colette, in full make-up, performing in a straight jacket. The backdrop includes upside down break dancers, fire breathers, wall jumpers and a dominatrix!

See the shenanigans for yourself at http://community.mtvmusic.com/top100/. If Richie Mac has his way, hip hop videos may never be the same again! Check him out at www.macvisionentertainment.com/ .

Pictured from left to right: Video extra; artist, Colette Car; director Richie Mac and a video extra.

Richie Mac Takes it to “The Other Side”with New Episodic Release


Hollywood, CA – Actor turned filmmaker/director, Richard McGregor aka Richie Mac ( www.macvisionentertainment.com/ ) is exploring “The Other Side” these days. With acting credits that include hosting Fox Sports “In the Zone” and over fifty national television commercials, including McDonald’s, Coca Cola, IBM and Sprite, Mac now finds himself behind the camera, having written, produced, directed and edited “The Other Side” an episodic television series that recalls the “Twilight Zone” but with a modern day twist.

“‘The Other Side’ explores the dark side of life but revels in the lighter dimensions with a message of hope and redemption,” explains Mac. “As an actor with over twenty years of experience, I felt it was time to branch out and evolve my talents to the next level. ‘The Other Side’ will definitely take folks to another level of awareness. We are bringing great production quality, well crafted story lines and phenomenal acting to the table. It’s what folks have been waiting for.”

To step over to “The Other Side” go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_XzV6FcQpQ . Then check out Richie Mac at www.macvisionentertainment.com .

Pictured from left to right on the set of “The Other Side” : Actress Destiney Moore from VH-1’s “Rock of Love” “Charm School” and “For the Love of Money”; actress Jaime Perkins and director, Richie Mac.