Ollie Gabriel Debuts International Hit Running Man To US Audiences


Ollie Gabriel is a soul singer from Louisiana who has been building momentum with his sound that has the grit of Otis Redding and a pace that’s all his own. “Running Man” is his first official single and it is a motivational song about beating the odds. Gabriel’s Baptist minister vocals lead an acoustic piano and rocketship takeoff sounds in the production that seem to personify his mission of reaching for his highest ambitions. The song has spread his name throughout Europe with millions of Spotify streams, Youtube views and high placements on German, Austrian, and Swiss charts. “Running Man” will be released in the United States in July. Gabriel explains that “Running Man” is simply about encouraging anyone to pursue their goals;

“Running Man” is directed at everybody who has big goals and feels disheartened or alone on their way there. “I hope that this song pushes someone to keep going.“
 Gabriel has a video for “Running Man” starring Paralympic athlete Blake Keeper who won silver and bronze medals for sprinting despite being born without his lower legs.