Media Questions Of The Week


Will Nelly play a convincing Chuck Berry in the upcoming Buddy Holly biopic Clear Lake? 

Will Janet Hubert have more career opportunities now that she and Will Smith have resolved their differences? 

What will the Q-Tip and Megan Thee Stallion album sound like? 

Media Questions Of The Week

Is Chuck D right to call the NRA  a terrorist organization after the Las Vegas mass shooting?

Did Nelly rape someone?

Will the backlash from Cam Newton’s surprise at a woman reporter’s knowledge about football open doors for other women reporting about sports?

Media Questions Of The Week

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Will Chrisette Michele’s decision to sing at Donald Trump’s Inaugural Ball cause serious hurt to her career because of the backlash?


Now that Syd and Matt Martians are on the verge of releasing their albums, is The Internet going to be 2017’s Wu-Tang Clan?

What did Trump’s spokesperson mean when they said that Kanye West was not invited to the inauguration because it was going to be “traditionally American?”

Did Nelly or Drake come out as the most successful rapper in this week’s Twitter debate ?



Media Questions Of The Week

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How did Lil’ Wayne never experience racism in his entire life?


Will Nelly’s fans be able to fulfill their mission of streaming his music enough times for their #SaveNelly campaign to help him pay his tax bills?


Who will be cast to play Nola Darling in Netflix’s reboot of She’s Gotta Have It?