Erick Sermon Returns With Come Thru Feat. Method Man, Craig Mack & Mr. Cheeks Has New Album Kickstarter

Erick Sermon is back with a new single featuring Mr. Cheeks, Method Man and Craig Mack called “Come Thru.” The song is not to be confused with “Come Thru” from his 2010 album Music. He described “Come Thru” to Rolling Stone as,

“A party record; a regular freestyle record. The mixture [of Method Man, Mr. Cheeks and Craig Mack] makes a good club record. Getting everyone to collaborate is like friends getting back together. Everyone who I’m on the record with I’m already friends with, so it’s like a normal get-together.”

Hip-hop fans are intrigued by Craig Mack’s verse because he sounds like his original flow but Sermon’s comment indicates that his contribution is new. “Come Thru” is from Sermon’s seventh album that does not have a title. He has Kickstarter campaign for the album and you can find out more about it here.