MF DOOM Action Figure

MF DOOM’s estate has partnered with Rhymesayers Entertainment and Super7 to release an MF DOOM action figure. The green hoodie-wearing and microphone-holding toy and the new Operation: Doomsday-themed clothing line is available on the website. The estate also plans to reissue DOOM’s Vaudeville Villain album recorded under his ViktorContinue Reading

MF DOOM Apparel

The MF DOOM estate and Rhymesayers Entertainment are presenting new apparel inspired by the late rapper at Hoodies, rugby shirts and hats are available alongside stickers, skate decks and grip tape. It was two years ago on October 31st when DOOM passed and the merchandise launch coincides with thatContinue Reading

MF Doom 7 23 11

How did MF Doom’s rhyme book get stolen?    Why was the Megan Thee Stallion’s  “Plan B” remix with Lil’ Kim taken down just hours after posting?  Related posts: Mary J.Blige & Lil Kim-I Can Love You Live At Hot For The Holidays Lil Kim-Lil Kim Season Mixtape MF Doom:Continue Reading