Throwback: Earth, Wind & Fire-Let’s Groove

In Memoriam: 2016

In 2016, several music icons passed and it seemed like the deaths would not end until the very end of the year. Icons like Prince and David Bowie who commanded the pop landscape for 40 years were gone suddenly and unexpectedly. Sharon Jones was just beginning to gain more recognition before passing of Cancer after a two-year fight. Many music fans are just happy for 2016 to be over after experiencing so much loss. The sadness from the passing of so many important voices is only assuaged by the fact that each artist has an immortal influence through their work.

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Media Questions Of 2016


What does Chance The Rapper’s success as an independent artist mean for new artists and the music industry?

What kind of presidency is America headed for with Donald Trump?


Why did so many musical greats die in 2016?








Media Questions Of The Week

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Was it really outrageous for Beyonce to use her time at the Superbowl halftime show to bring awareness to Black Lives Matter and The Black Panthers?


Why didn’t the Superbowl halftime montage include Janet Jackson?


Will there be a live tribute to Maurice White and Natalie Cole at The Grammy’s this year?