Four Stars International, LLC, Nexus Films, and Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates Produce Paul Robeson Celebration

Los Angeles (March 18, 2010): Four Stars International, LLC, an independent film production company with offices in Auckland, New Zealand and Beverly Hills, CA , is set to produce a much anticipated film about the outstanding scholar, sportsman, entertainer and civil rights activist, Paul Robeson, regarded by some as the most accomplished African-American of all time.

Four Stars’ founder and president, Richard Akel, says the film “is a long-overdue recognition of Paul Robeson’s greatness. He was man for all seasons of immense talent, courage and conviction, who suffered greatly for his principled stands on civil, political and human rights at a time when it was extremely perilous to do so. However, he never compromised his principles or betrayed his friends. He was described on his death as a giant amongst Lilliputians and was a truly one of the great men of the 20th century whose story must now be told so that he is restored to his rightful place in history.”

Mr. Akel said that he is very pleased with the choice of director, but casting remains wide open. “The chance to play Robeson has got to be the role of a life-time for those talented African-American actors who fit the part. We are also building a strong ensemble supporting cast for the roles of his wife, Essie, and numerous well-known persons who were involved with Paul, including W.E.B. DuBois, President Truman, J. Edgar Hoover, Ernest Hemingway and Peggy Ashcroft. We will be making some announcements at a celebrity event on April 9 to be held in Los Angeles in honor of Paul’s birthday.”

Four Stars’ activities are not confined to its film “Robeson.” Also in development are a Maori Othello adapted from the Shakespearean play and set in pre-colonial New Zealand; an action adventure/romance in contemporary New Zealand; a teen horror thriller set in rural America; a WWII film about fighter aces Adolf Galland, Douglas Bader and Jack Rae; another about the mental decline and violent death of the great English explorer, Captain James Cook; a film about the controversial apostle, Mary Magdalene; and one about literary legends Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams.