Luther Campbell’s Book Being Made Into Film About 2 Live Crew

Luther Campbell’s The Book Of Luke: My Fight For Truth, Justice, And Liberty City is being made into a movie by Lionsgate. At the height of their popularity, 2 Live Crew’s As Nasty As They Wanna Be was labeled obscene and a shop worker was arrested for selling the album. George Lucas also sued Campbell for naming his record label Luke Skyywalker Records. The film will look at 2 Live Crews’ conflict with Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. over their parody of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman”  that went all the way to the Supreme Court and was eventually resolved out of court. Newcomer RJ Cyler will portray Campbell and Craig A. Williams is writing the script. Mike Epps and Industry Entertainment are executive-producing the movie.

Media Questions Of The Week

1. Is anyone surprised that “Betty & Coretta” got it wrong?

2. How can Luther Campbell criticize Rick Ross when he’s a reflection of the same corporate entertainment culture that pays Rick? Is being a soft-porn peddler better than a fake gangster?

3. Why are people upset because Kerry Washington refused to take the role on “Scandal” if the president had been Black?

Media Questions Of The Week

1. Is the TV show “Scandal”perpetuating negative stereotypes about Black women because of Kerry Washington’s adulterous interracial relationship?

2. Are the attacks on Spike Lee’s opinion of “Django Unchained” by Black media personalities like Dick Gregory and Luther Campbell a sign that we are living in a post-Black America?

3. Now that the Frank Ocean remix of “Pink Matter” has teased the fans even more for an Outkast reunion, will there ever be one since Andre 3000 reminded everyone that the remix is not a reunion?

Luther Campbell Responds To Reports Of Low Fundraising Efforts

Recent reports online and on the radio claim that I raised “only” $250 during a fundraiser in support of my current bid for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. These reports are wrong, but not by a lot. My campaign is not rolling in dough. There are no lobbyists or special interest groups supporting me. My campaign runs on donations from everyday people of $5 dollars at a time. I never expected to raise $50,000 at a fundraiser. I raised close to two thousand dollars at the fundraiser in question, which can be checked with the Dade County Elections Bureau, but let’s say I “only” raised $250 on that day. That means fifty every day citizens believed enough in me to give me five dollars a piece, and I am okay with that. That makes me proud.

This is not the first time naysayers have shed negative light on the good I have done for the public. When I fought for freedom of speech, I made history. There were many who sat by the sidelines with their arms crossed, but guess what? I won that fight all the way up to the Supreme Court.

I remain a believer in the people and a believer in our rights, and that is why I am running for the mayor. This is my town. I grew up here. My family and friends are here, and I am truly working for the community. My winning will be because of the support I get from them. I’m with that type of history making. This is not a race about who is raising the most money; it is a race about helping and reaching those that live in Miami-Dade.

I am going door-to-door talking to individuals, gaining their respect all while I am growing in the polls. Recent polls in Miami are showing me in second place tying with Gimenez. 62% of the folks in Miami are still undecided and I do plan to win those votes. So you tell me what matters: the people or the money? When we win, I guess we will be called rocket scientists because we did it our way. I am the kind of politician that works for the people and not the man.