Liam Bailey Releases Ekundayo Album Stream

Liam Bailey’s Ekundayo just arrived after a prelude of singles in previous months. Baily’s new album is a warm excursion of R&B and reggae. Leon Michaels, who worked previously with Baily on their song “When Will They Learn/I’m Gonna Miss You,” produced Ekundayo. The title means “sorrow becomes joy” in Yoruba, which is mostly spoken in West Africa. The heavy Jamaican influences are what Michael admits were deliberate because  “This is the record we always wanted to make.” The music is the result of Bailey’s struggles to be an authentic artist through the years. His time on a major label after being discovered by the late Amy Winehouse were difficult because of the restrictions he experienced working with mainstream producers. If anything Ekundayo is an artistic reckoning that has taken him back to the roots of his creativity. 

Liam Bailey’s Champion Is Remixed With Black Thought

Liam Bailey’s “Champion” is remixed with Black Thought adding another layer to the singer’s single from his upcoming Ekundayo album. The fourth single to emerge beforehand is all about the chasing of a new love interest. Black Thought’s words settle in nicely with the reggae rhythm and Bailey’s vocals. The Yoruban album title describes the transformation of sorrow into joy which Bailey feels is the essence of his new music. Ekundayo is Bailey’s first release for Big Crown Records and comes out on November 13th.  

Liam Bailey’s Angel Dust Is The Latest From Ekundayo Album

Liam Bailey by Cristian Sanchez Verona

Liam Bailey’s “Angel Dust” is a reggae blast about a difficult love. It is the fourth single to appear from Bailey’s forthcoming Ekundayo album. The steady and serene reggae beat lessens the disappointment of a soon to be gone relationship. Leon Michels of the El Michels Affair produced the song and gave it a vintage but digital sound at the same time. Ekundayo will come out on November 13th. 

            Ekundayo Tracklisting

1. Awkward
2. Champion
3. White Light
4. Don’t Blame NY
5. Cold & Clear
6. Angel Dust
7. Fight
8. Vixit
9. Ugly Truth
10. Young In Love
11. She Hates This Life
12. Where Do I Start?
13. Paper Tiger

Liam Bailey Releases Brand New EP

Liam Bailey’s fourth EP Brand New comes on the heels of the singles “You Saw The Devil In Me” and “Brother, Why You Gotta Love Her.” The five-song EP reflects Bailey’s soul, reggae and rock influences in a collection that could qualify as ideal driving music. The British singer explained the new music in a press release: 

“The EP is heavily inspired by a lot of new music I’ve been listening to recently & I’m especially loving the synths I’ve been hearing. I linked with Rich Cooper with this fresh sound in mind. The way we worked was really cool; we mainly jammed around until we caught a vibe that felt right to keep going with. We had lots of great musical spaces to write my recent truths against a different sound to what I’m used to. Although I couldn’t help going old school on “Hold Tight” with Fred Cox – the song has s been on repeat at home, it’s proper uplifting which is rare for me.”

He just shared the video for “Hold Tight” and Brand New is available on all the streaming platforms. 

[youtube id=”4I8gTAhDL_4″]