Raekwon’s Liccata Wine To Be Distributed By Kentucky’s First Black-Owned Distributor

The Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon recently went into the wine business with his Licataa sparkling wine. The rapper has been a longtime fan of Italian food and had the opportunity to work with the Cantine Ceci winery to create a bubbly red wine. Legacy Wine and Spirits was founded by Kelvin Young and Djuan Ditto in 2020. The business partners were brand ambassadors for various liquor companies but decided to start their own company after being underpaid for their efforts. When they started their company it was soon found out they were the first Black-owned liquor distributor in Kentucky. Young says, “We’re the first Black-owned distribution in Kentucky and that’s crazy. As big as alcohol is in Kentucky, for us to be the first anything in 2020 is crazy. We didn’t jump into this knowing that — we found that out as we were going along,”

The company carries other alcoholic beverages from Black makers including rapper E-40’s Earl Stevens wines. Raekwon’s Licataa wine is in stores and those locations can be found on the company’s website. In other Wu-Tang news it was announce that the television series Wu-Tang: An American Saga will have a third and final season on Hulu. 


Kelvin Young Djuan Ditto Owner Of Legacy Wine and Spirits
Kelvin Young and Djuan Ditto Owners of Legacy Wine and Spirits