Throwback: Kwamé And A New Beginning-Ownlee Eue


[youtube id=”wsJwanW7W7o”]

Kwamé’s A Day In The Life: A Pokadelick Adventure was his sophomore album about a day at school as a stylish emcee having fun with no time for wack rivals. “Ownlee Eue” was noted for its funky James Brown influence, Tasha Mabry’s soulful hook and Kwamé’s unusual lyrics about monogamous romance. Visually, Kwame was a trendsetter known for his blond-streaked hightop fade and polka-dotted sartorial flair that didn’t stop him from dancing and breaking a sweat for the performance.The Queens rapper/producer recorded four albums as an artist before the rise of gangsta rap coincided with his desire to no longer be a fulltime emcee. It was also during this time he became infamous when Biggie Smalls mentioned him as passé on the single “Unbelievable.” In 2000 Kwamé reemerged as a producer under the names K-1 Million and K-1 Mil. He has racked-up several producer credits working for the likes of Mary J. Blige, Talib Kweli and many others. He collaborated with his cousin, Vin Diesel, in 2012 to score the web series The Ropes and has worked on many film and TV projects including The Fantastic Four. Kwamé produced and co-wrote Vivian Green’s 2015 fifth studio album, Vivid.