Media Questions Of The Week

Why did Doja Cat win an American Music Award for Best Female Soul/ R&B album when she is a pop artist?



Who will win Album Of The Year at the 2022 Grammys? 

Album Of The Year Nominees:

We Are — Jon Batiste

Love For Sale — Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe) — Justin Bieber

Planet Her (Deluxe) — Doja Cat

Happier Than Ever — Billie Eilish

Back Of My Mind — H.E.R.


SOUR — Olivia Rodrigo

evermore — Taylor Swift

Donda — Kanye West Feat. Justin Bieber

[youtube]2hhAB15ZTC0[/youtube]’s “Willpower” is more of his hip-hop inspired dance-pop.

Media Questions Of The Week


1. Will Tower Heist put Eddie Murphy back on a winning streak?


2. Who is Justin Bieber’s ghostwriter?


3. Why did it take three more years for a court to decide for a second time that Janet Jackson’s Nipplegate was an accident?

Media Questions Of The Week

1. Why was Justin Bieber's name associated with a BET cyper at all regardless of DJ Premier having the authority to ban him from one or not?

2. Did Ol' Dirty Bastard really steal lots of rhymes from Gza, Rza and Method Man?

4. Won't we all be happy when Beyonce has her baby so all the unfounded gossip about her pregnancy will end?

5. What is all the talk about Kanye West not belonging at Occupy Wall Street because he talks about consumption in his work? Did the critics forget that Kanye West has always talked about America's problems in his work and that he is only the rock star or hip-hopper to upset two presidents in the past decade? Or did they forget about his comments about George Bush and his lack of care for Blacks during Katrina that almost cost him his career?