Johnny Popcorn Celebrates New Life With Get Away To Love Video

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Johnny Popcorn Releases W.A.N.A. & Video For I Own Everything

W.A.N.A. now. 


[youtube id=”thAT7mjhjRQ”]

Johnny Popcorn Preparing To Release Totem 2.0 & Video For Cold World

Johnny Popcorn’s Totem 2.0 is the answer to Totem Pole that was released last year. The Totem 2.0 EP comes out officially on January 1st and can be streamed now. The video for “Cold World” is an eye-catching colorful visualizer.

[youtube id=”exSod29M2wI”]

Johnny Popcorn: Put Your Computer To Sleep Official Video

[youtube id=”nliuvxzlqW4″] Hezekiah and Jani Coral of Johnny Popcorn want people to shut down their devices and go outside in their video for “Put Your Computer To Sleep.” The duo performs on a stage outside of Philadelphia’s City Hall and all kinds of people are there having fun. “Put Your Computer To Sleep” is from Johnny Popcorn’s Totem Pole album. Hezekiah is currently working on new music with Bilal and Tone Whitefield.