Johnny Polygon-The Fall (Official Video)

[youtube id=”e5FTnVBO67g”]

Johnny Polygon’s “The Fall” has an official video and the song is available as a download. The single is from his upcoming Thank You, Goodnight album which will be released sometime in 2015.

Johnny Polygon-The Weather Report

[youtube id=”hPr0k8DcNeQ”]

Johnny Polygon recently went into the studio and recorded “The Weather Report.” You can download the song on his Bandcamp page.

Johnny Polygon-Purple Mess

[youtube id=”PnJ944NX5B0″]

Johnny Polygon co-directed the video for his song “Purple Mess” with Jeremy Charles about the twisted love story that turns into a murder.

Johnny Polygon-Limosexsuperstar

[youtube id=”6kuwdzGYo0E”]

Johnny Polygon has a commentary on the celebrity/superstar called “Limosexsuperstar.” The appearance of bloody eyes and a bloody toilet seem to indicate the high cost of becoming a celebrity or superstar in a culture that demands soul-rationing. Download The Nothing.