Yoko Ono & Janie Hendrix To Present New Music Channel

Yoko Ono and Janie Hendrix will help launch a new music channel called the Coda Collection. Sony Music Entertainment is behind the service that will host new music films, rare concert footage and premiere new documentaries. The channel will launch on February 21st 2021 with over 100 titles including Money, Madness…Jimi Hendrix In Maui and Johnny Cash At San Quentin. Janie Hendrix, described one part of the channel’s mission in statement about her late brother Jimi Hendrix. 

“There will always be the desire to know more about Jimi, and what drove his creativity. So much went into his concerts and performances. There was background, a backstory, and depth to it all. Coda reveals all the various dimensions, and I’m proud to be a part of making it happen.”

Coda Collection will stream via Amazon Prime.