John Forte-Light Work

John Forte shared some more of his self-reflective thoughts about his life journey in the single “Light Work.” He covers things like his rap career, the Brian Williams controversy and his past legal challenges.

John Forte-Gucci Time

[youtube id=”7lqAPa9QDOk”]

John Forte’s new single, “Gucci Time” is more of a contemplation about consumption than a promotion to buy the from the luxury brand. He underscores that sentiment with a self-comparison to the late Black nationalist activist Sonny Carson.

John Forte and Firehorse- Your Traveling Light


John Forte directed this video for his “Your Traveling Light” single with Firehorse front woman Leah Siegel.

John Forte & Valerie June-Give Me Water


John Forte and Valerie June work together on this rock rap blues ditty called “Give Me Water” from Forte’s Water Suite EP.