John Forté Readies New Album Drops “Ready On The One” Video

John Forté is back and fully inspired with the upcoming release of his new album Vessels, Angels & Ancestors. The video for the lead single “Ready On The One” is a diary of Forte’s life in a day. There are featured appearances from Spills, Five and Miss Brittany Reese. Forté’s time in the front of the camera is spent at his marijuana farm on Martha’s Vineyard and in his native Brooklyn. George Floyd’s death inspired him and he wrote the song “Shame, Shame” which started the whole project. He says,  “The process itself of recording Vessels, Angels & Ancestors was one that I surrendered to, one that I felt I was being guided by. That journey was about me letting go and being guided by the angels and the ancestors, allowing myself to be the vessel.” 

It was during the ’90s when Forté did production work on The Fugees’ Score album. He released his first solo album Poly Sci in 1998. The sophomore I, John came along in 2002. Vessels, Angels & Ancestors is set to arrive on October 22nd.