Slum Village Recruit Eric Roberson & Elijah Fox For Factor

Slum Village is releasing their FUN album very soon and now they unveil “Factor” featuring Eric Roberson and Elijah Fox. “Factor” is a love proposal with a little bit of caution voiced by Young RJ outweighed by Roberson’s notes of longing. The group has never shied away from rapping about relationships and incorporating R&B into their sound. “Just Like You” was the first single from FUN and it was also about love but “Request” released in February put the focus back on their business. Young RJ and T3’s return is long welcomed because it was more than eight years ago when they released Yes!. They will return to Europe on April 4th for their FUN Since 92 Tour. The first show in Bologna, Italy begins a 28-date stint abroad. FUN! will hit retail on April 19th via Ne’Astra Music. Slum Village is on the roster alongside Sza and more for the Jack Harlow-presented Louisville, Kentucky-bound Gazebo Festival in May.

Throwback: J.Dilla-Sunbeams

J.Dilla’s “Sunbeams” is from The 1996 What Up Doe Sessions.  The title comes from how many Detroiters greet each other by saying “What Up Doe?” The song was built with Joe Sample’s “Black Is The Color” and Grady Tate’s “Be Black Baby.” “Sunbeams” was another instance of Dilla’s genius understanding of rhythm. He took the samples from each song and turned them into an endless moody meditation helmed by a delicate snare drum. The sound of early morning or late at night depending on the listener is one of Dilla’s most famous instrumentals. The bootlegged collection of beats was recorded in 1996, the same time Dilla’s productions were being heard on De La Soul’s Stakes Is High and A Tribe Called Quest’s Beats, Rhymes and Life.  The Detroit Pistons chose to honor J. Dilla in 2024 which would have been his 50th year of life with a new line of merchandise that will debut on March 13th


Media Questions Of The Week

Does Derric “D-Dot” Angelettie have a better catalog than J. Dilla? 

Slum Village Release Just Like You Feat. Larry June & The Dramatics

Credit: Frankie Fultz

Slum Village announce their first new album in seven years with “Just Like You” featuring Larry June and The Dramatics. Young RJ and T3 have kept busy since Vol. 0 with solo projects and features but they have now returned to their SV home. In 2022, Young RJ released his World Tour album. “Just Like You” is a flirting session with a potential date and the added enticement from The Dramatics’ vintage soul. Young RJ produced “Just Like You” which straddles both an R&B and hip-hop groove. The new song and album announcement comes not long after the premiere of the New York Times J. Dilla documentary. “Just Like You” is another chapter in the legacy of the group he co-founded with Baatin and T3 years ago.  The Great Escape is scheduled for an August release.