Jay King Explores Adult Entertainment with Serena Sinful on Show this Sunday, 12/26

Hollywood, CA – When it was uncovered that 19 year old Montana Fishburne, daughter of esteemed Hollywood actor, Lawrence Fishburne, had aspirations in the adult film industry, popular culture came to a collective gasp. Pornography has always been a staple of modern society, and with the rise of counter cultures, like rock ‘n roll and hip hop garnering mainstream acceptance, it sometimes seemed as though porn was not far behind. In fact, the words ‘porn’ and ‘star,’ once at two opposite ends of the spectrum, are now often joined in vocabulary matrimony. Montana’s addition to the game however, sparked dialogues and debates with many questioning the “who, what, when and where” of it all.

Media personality and music man Jay King will take the conversation to another level on a special edition of his show, “The Way I See It’ on BlogTalkRadio.com (www.blogtalkradio.com/jay-king), Sunday, December 26 at 2:00 p.m. PST. King will pose the question “if everybody has a problem with adult entertainment, why is it making so much money,” with special guest, Serena Sinful, a young, upcoming porn actress, who similar to Montana, proclaims a devout passion for the work she does.

Serena, also like Montana, is a newbie to the world of adult entertainment. She is an aspiring XXX actress and adult model who is seeking to make a name for herself in the business. As the only child of conservative Christian parents, many close to her were taken aback by her career choice.

“I have never watched an adult movie, read a dirty magazine or frequented a strip club and before you say it, let me…. I am not the norm” expresses King.
“As a matter of fact most people don’t and/or won’t believe it because most people, men & some women alike, have dabbled in one or all three scenarios. That is why I ask the question ‘if everybody has a problem with adult entertainment, why is it making so much money?’ And what is the attraction that compels young women like Montana or Serena, to get involved?”

Serena Sinful will serve up some answers as she and Jay explore the ins and outs of the adult entertainment industry through her eyes and experiences as she shares her climb up the ladder to adult entertainment stardom. Join Jay King on December 26th, 2010 at 2:00 pm PST by logging in to “The Way I See It” on www.blogtalkradio.com/jay-king or calling in to listen or speak at 347-205-9366.

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Jay King to Tribute Dick Griffey With Special Radio Show

Los Angeles – Inndustry veteran, radio personality and music producer Jay King had the distinct honor of holding court with music mogul Dick Griffey days before he passed away on September 24, 2010. Not realizing his role model was living his last days, King had initially planned to pay homage to Griffey on his BlogTalkRadio show, “The Way I See It” with a show entitled “Honoring Mr. Griffey as a Living Legend.” That show will air this Sunday, October 3 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm pst on www.blogtalkradio.com/jay-king and the title of the show will remain the same. Explains King, “We believe Mr. Griffey is still alive through his music and many contributions to the community.”

Being in the titan’s company during his last days has further inspired King to plan a full series entitled “Honoring the Pioneers of Music.” “When I sat with Dick Griffey, I had no idea that he would not be here as I planned his show. I am overwhelmed by the loss. But now more that ever, it is clear to me that I have a duty to honor the soldiers and warriors in the music business, those gone and those still among us.”

“So many have paved the way for us and their accomplishments are often overlooked, like radio pioneer, Jack “The Rapper” Gibson; Sidney Miller, founder of BRE Magazine, the first Black music industry trade; the Urban Network’s Miller London who was the first Black record salesman in the music business; Lee Bailey whose “Radioscope” was the first Black syndicated music magazine radio show catering to the urban community and Al Bell of Bellmark Records who helped to create and develop the southern soul sound of Stax Records and a host of others,” continues King. Jay King, his co-host Robert Redwine and their producer, Mari Torres are dedicated to devoting the next several shows to honoring these individuals and others whose legacy has impacted the musical landscape of our times.

In 1977 Dick Griffey created SOLAR Records and began his assent to the number one position on the urban music scene, crossing into the mainstream pop music market with such acts as The Whispers, Shalamar, Midnight Star, Klymaxx and Lakeside to name a few. Griffey was also instrumental in the 1984 Presidential Bid of Jessie Jackson, took Stevie Wonder on his first tour to Japan and coined the phrase ‘African American.’ Dick Griffey, ever the visionary, was also was instrumental in the forming of Death Row Records, helping Suge Knight to realize the dream of owning and controlling his own label and his masters.

“Mr. Griffey was the reason I believed I could own a label,” recalls King. “I am humbled to have been gifted the opportunity to sit with him in his last days and I am lucky, fortunate and blessed that I was able to tell him how much I loved, appreciated and respected his struggle for me and all of us who continue to thrive in the business called music.”

Guests for Sunday’s tribute show include Howard Hewett (Shalamar), Reggie and Vincent Calloway (Midnight Star), Bernadette Cooper and Lorena Stewart (Klymaxx), and Walter Scott (The Whispers) along with Dick Griffey’s daughter, Carolyn Griffey.

“It is important for all musicians, producers, writers, managers, business people in the music business and the general public to acknowledge the heroes among us. We can no longer march through our lives without the pride, fight and dedication of those who came before us,” concludes King.

Listen to Jay King’s “The Way I See It” every Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST on www.blogtalkradio.com/jay-king or call in to listen or have your voice be heard at 347-205-9366. To find out more about Jay King log on www.jayking.ning.com.

Brother of Recording Artist Jay King, Killed by Police

Vallejo, CA -Music industry veteran and popular music personality Jay King was stunned last month to discover his younger brother, Michael Todd White, age 46, had been killed on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 by the Vallejo Police Department. The outspoken artist, who is best known for founding the Grammy awarding winning group, Club Nouveau, has been on a mission ever since to bring attention to the issue of widespread police brutality in this country and particularly in his hometown of Vallejo, CA. King fielded calls recently from listeners on his online radio show “The Way I See It” on BlogTalkRadio.com to draw attention to the matter. The show is archived at archived at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jay-king .

It has been reported that White had been involved in a minor dispute with a neighbor. After a brief altercation, he retreated back to his home where he resided with his girlfriend. The Vallejo Police Department (VDP) responded to a call about the incident, with a full force of six police cruisers, followed by an additional six or more cruisers plus a motorcycle law enforcement personnel. After entering the home and trapping White in the small bathroom of his trailer home, the VPD took the hinges off of his bathroom door and arrested him without incident. A Code 4 call went out to dispatch alerting that the situation was under control.

However after removing all residents from the home and handcuffing White, a disturbance took place and White was tasered several times. A Code 3 call then went out to dispatch to send an ambulance. As King reveals, this is unusual since a Code 3 is often called when someone is injured or if the officer involved is alerting the dispatch personnel that they’re about to taser a suspect. The call to dispatch never occurred while arresting White leading many to believe White was tasered while handcuffed.

White was removed from the residence lifeless, dropped on a cement slab and then put on a gurney. Although reports have White expiring at Kaiser Hospital in Vallejo, it is widely believed that his body was taken to Kaiser so a doctor could pronounce him dead on arrival and his body could be taken to the city morgue.

Jay King Mourns the Death of his Brother

Michael White’s family is calling for an investigation because the officers involved have not been put on administrative leave and continue to work. “We are not going to rest until the Vallejo Police Department and City Hall embark on a full scale investigation regarding the murder of my brother,” announced Jay King. “We expect the police to do as the shield says on their cars ‘Serve & Protect.’ Too often the police look more like a gangster outfit that we should all be afraid,of,” adds King. “We have to speak up as a community and change the way the police patrol our neighborhoods. My brother has had a checkered past but that doesn’t give anyone the right to murder him. The police department in Vallejo has a long history of using tasers along with unnecessary force.”
King and his family are considering pressing murder charges against the officers that tasered Michael Todd White, while allegedly handcuffed and helpless.

Follow this story and listen to Jay King on BlogTalkRadio every Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. PST on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Jay-King.

Industry Veteran Jay King Launches Music Workshop Series

Beverly Hills, CA – On Saturday, June 19 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, musical master mind Jay King will present industry newbies with a roadmap for success with a new workshop entitled, “Making Dollars and Sense out of the New Music Business.” The recording legend and creative force behind such ground breaking groups as the Timex Social Club and Club Nouveau, King has steadily redefined himself as the author of reinvention when it comes to the music game. “Making Dollars and Sense Out of the New Music Business” will be held at the Tanzore Restaurant and Lounge located at 50 N. LaCienega Blvd. in Beverly Hills.

“Making Dollars and Sense out of the New Music Business” is King’s personal take
on the new state of the music industry in today’s digital age. The one day seminar, slated to tour several cities, will tackle issues pertinent to newcomers in the music business, including finding out new, inexpensive and free techniques for marketing, promoting and selling your music; learning how to build an effective team to help navigate a new music business model; and learning to maximize your budget and utilize online community sites for exposure and sales.

King has long been credited with creating a new chapter in music history by independently producing, pressing, marketing and promoting the biggest selling 12-inch single in history, “Rumors” by the Timex Social Club. He paved the path for independent record companies and was actually a forerunner to the current state of the music business, initially demonstrating the true power of the committed artist operating outside of the confines of the major label. He then went on to achieve multi-platinum status with the creation of the popular R&B group Club Nouveau. His “Making Dollars and Sense Out of the New Music Business” is a natural extension of his passion to support, expose and provide new avenues for upcoming talent.

With a debut solo release, “Open Book,” his own Blogtalk radio show at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Jay-King, and a live online concert and interview series at http://www.KulaksWoodshed.com, King is not one to rest on his multi-platinum laurels. While many older artists lament ‘the good old days,” King is busy forging new inroads by conquering the opportunites provided by today’s social networking sites. The music business is undergoing a growth spurt, cites Jay, and complaining about it will not make it go away.

“Today’s musical landscape is just a logical outgrowth of where the business has been going during the last decade or so. Artists, young and old, must know how to successfully navigate these changes as expansive opportunities. Today’s artist has the means to create his own sound, cultivate his own fan base, and sell his music, all from his computer in many instances. There are no rules etched in stone, but there are valuable tips and advice which everyone can benefit from,” express King.

Highlighting the many opportunities available in today’s music marketplace, King, not unlike Public Enemy’s Chuck D, has announced his liaison with SellaBand.com for his next musical venture at www.sellaband.com/jayking. With SellaBand.com, artists retain complete ownership of the works created and can offer fans an investment opportunity in the projects. By contributing as little as $10.00, fans can help King market, promote and advertise his next CD, with an incentive of reimbursement and also a 25% share of the profits earned from this project.

Upcoming tour dates for “Making Dollars and Sense Out of the New Music Business” include:

June 5, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sacramento, CA- Club Tre 1212 Howe Avenue Contact: Jeff Mouer (Designated Hitters) 818-915-7701

June 12, Noon to 5:30 pm, Indianapolis, IN – Club 520, 3730 W. 16th
Contact Lucky ( The Promo Team) 317-635-9820 / 317-538-4411

Keep up with Jay King at www.jayking.ning.com , www.tagged.com/jking3 and www.myspace.com/jayking3music. Listen to Jay King on BlogTalkRadio every Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. PST on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Jay-King. For more information regarding “Making Dollars and Sense out of the New Music Business” email Latonya@lwspecialevents.com .