Jack Davey-Get Up


Miss Jack Davey is having a dance party in her “Get Up” video that has clips of Miguel,Tanya Morgan, Muhsinah, Elle Varner and others moving to the latest from her L0-F! D’lux.

Jack Davey – L0-F! D’Lux (Album Stream)

Miss Jack Davey’s L0-F! D’Lux is available for streaming at the AOL site and unlike their description the music does not sound like Lauryn Hill of The Fugees but more like Afro-dipped acid rock.

Jack Davey-Sh*t Gets Deep


Ms. Jack Davey burns an effigy of herself and walks on a bed in this video of blazing flames for “Sh*t Gets Deep.” She is releasing L0-F! D’Lux on December 11th.

Jack Davey-Like That & L0-F! Side B Album Stream


Jack Davey has more to say with her guitar experiment gone the way of L0-F! Side B which is the companion to Side A. Blurred views of her walk through Los Angeles and camera show at a remote location is the tension aesthetic of the video for “Like That.”