J. Nolan & Yung B Da Producer-Throw It Up

J.Nolan and Yung B Da Producer are back at it and “Throw It Up” is from his second album The Upbringing that was released today.

J.Nolan-Stand Alone

Indie rapper J.Nolan is back with a song about the trials of grinding on the underground called “Stand Alone.” He says that his Dreams Manifest album is still on the way.

J. Nolan-Habitz Of Da Dead

“Habitz Of Da Dead” is the third single from The Manifest Movement’s Dreams Manifest compilation. J.Dolan ends the one song and spits verses over’s Jay Electronica’s “Dear Moleskine” at the end.

J.Nolan-Hit Em Feat. Rizz Capolatti

Atlanta’s J.Nolan just posted his new single “Hit Em” with Rizz Capolatti today. The song is part of the forthcoming Manifest Movement compilation that will feature Nolan and fellow crew members like Capolatti and Yung B Da Producer.

Download “Hit Em”