Stephen Colbert Makes A Trailer For “Hidden Fences”

[youtube id=”hw4D867Ku78″] Stephen Colbert decided to have fun with the mistake that Jenna Bush and Michael Keaton made at the Golden Globe Awards by confusing the movies Fences and Hidden Figures with “Hidden Fences.” Colbert took the mistake and made a comical trailer for the fictitious movie. Jenna Bush apologized for the mistake and was forgiven by Pharrell and Octavia Spencer who both worked on Hidden Figures.

Pharrell Performs Runnin’ On The Ellen Show

Pharrell was on the Ellen show yesterday to promote the movie Hidden Figures and he also addressed the Kim Burrell controversy. Burrell’s sermon about “perverted homosexuals” went viral last week and since then she was uninvited to Ellen, her radio was canceled and she was nixed from appearing at the Trailblazers Of Gospel Music Awards. Pharrell had already denounced Burrell’s views on his Twitter timeline and he reiterated those thoughts on Ellen. “Runnin'” is one of the songs he composed for the Hidden Figures soundtrack and he performed it live on the show.

[youtube id=”jDoUrLtdVEY”]

Janelle Monae On Ellen

Janelle Monae was a guest on Ellen today to promote her new movie Hidden Figures. She talked about how she assumed the movie’s storyline about the African-American women who mapped out John Glenn’s space mission with mathematics was historical fiction. Monae also tells Ellen how her mother was not impressed with her achievement as an opening act for Stevie Wonder and Prince but felt like her daughter made it after she got a movie role. Hidden Figures open in theaters tomorrow.

[youtube id=”baw5GXBLmjc”]

Pharrell & Kim Burrell: I See A Victory On The Tonight Show

[youtube id=”h1GQJDaz8-M”] Pharrell and Kim Burrell perform “I See A Victory” from the Hidden Figures soundtrack on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Pharrell produced and composed the music for the film starring Taraji P. Henson about mathematician Katherine Johnson and her colleagues. Their work on the Apollo 11 flight to the moon was never known by the public. The film will have a limited release on Christmas day and a wide release January 6th.