The Jitterbugs: Pioneers Of The Jits To Debut At The DIA On May 23rd

[youtube id=”JQP_YLTmJ2k”]

The Jit was a popular dance in Black communities in Detroit during the ’70’s and the ’80’s. The McGhee Brothers, who pioneered the dance as The Jitterbugs, are the focus of the documentary, The Jitterbugs: Pioneers Of The Jit. Haleem “Stringz” Rasul Ar-Rasheed, who is the founder of the Hardcore Detroit dance company is the film’s director. The film’s soundtrack was scored by Underground Resistance and Malik Alston and Detroit radio legend John Mason provides the narration. A May 23rd premiere is scheduled to take place at the Detroit Institute Of Arts at no cost to the public. There will be a reception event and a performance from The Jitterbugs.