ZULA & glue70 Remember The Club

UK-based singer ZULA and producer glue70 give another preview of their upcoming SKIN44 EP with “Let’s Go Out.” The single is a slice of club life remembered with ZULA’s breathy vocals and a chunky beat on the bottom of a ’90s deep house sketch. It’s all for the love of dance and long nights of escape inside walls commanded by DJs. They  explain,

‘”Let’s Go Out”‘ is for those who love to dance, and haven’t forgotten the rush they get when they lock eyes with somebody and throw some shapes. Dance is a language that ZULA loves to speak in and this slow rhythmic floor filler reunites those we haven’t seen for a while in low-lit clubs.” 

The duo were in a different space on the previous single “Elevate Me” which was quaint computer-driven R&B. “Let’s Go Out” heats up the room in its call to reignite a more than one million year human need to dance.