Planet Asia & G_ Force-Cruise Control


“Cruise Control” is from Planet Asia and G Force’s new Camouflage Jackets album that is available for free download.

Download Camouflage Jackets

Planet Asia x G_Force – Camouflage Jackets (Free Album Download)

Released today, after three years in the making/waiting,
is the debut collaborative album from rap veteran Planet Asia & rising producer G_Force, Camouflage Jackets. Originally recorded in 2008, & briefly signed to Kweli’s BlackSmith label, the project had been sitting in the vault ever since until FRSH SLCTS collaborated with G_Force & Asia to release it exclusively as an official free download.

Download Camouflage Jackets

1. Page For Page
2. Sorrow
3. Gold Kufi’s (feat. TriState)
4. Public Housing
5. Corner Store
6. Supa Bad (feat. Epp & Tope of TxE)
7. Backwoods (interlude)
8. Get Your Weight Up (feat. Phil The Agony)
9. Murder Dem (feat. TriState)
10. CruiseControl