Flying Lotus Returns To Detroit With Flamagra Tour


The 3D-glasses-wearing crowd cheered and laughed in awe at the video as it played on the screen. They welcomed Flying Lotus back to Detroit with a roar as he moved through his catalog with the passion of fire but the lightness of air. 

You’re Dead album. He later tested the crowd by performing his friend Thundercat’s “Them Changes” but demanded lyrical participation from the audience. They did not disappoint him when there was a sudden interlude into a serious karaoke space. 

As the show seemed to end the fans demanded an encore and Flying Lotus was generous enough to give two and would have gladly done three if permitted more time. When the show was over he waved goodbye as the smoke machines calmed and everybody walked out with a glow. 

Flying Lotus Kicks Off Flamagra Tour In August

Flying Lotus will start his Flamagra Tour in August at Roseland in Portland, Oregon. The 3D experience will travel through 33 cities and wrap up in October. Flamagra is his sixth studio album and there are guest appearances from David Lynch, George Clinton and Shabazz Palaces among others. Tickets are on sale now. 

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Flying Lotus Drops Flamagra

Flamagra came out today five years after You’re Dead. The flame in Flamagra is otherworldly, funky and free. George Clinton, David Lynch, Shabazz Palaces and Thundercat are among the players joining the producer and filmmaker on his current musical trip. He said he had a “thematic idea” and visualized an “eternal flame sitting on a hill” when he thought about the album. A meeting with Lynch at a party brought the album’s concept together and Flamagra was born. This summer he will go on tour in support of Flamagra and tickets are on sale now. 

Flying Lotus Reveals Spontaneous Feat. Little Dragon & Takashi From Flamagra

Credit: Renata Raksha