Media Questions Of The Week

Media Questions Of The Week

Why are internet commenters suggesting that Jussie Smollett lied about being the victim of hate attack after he filed a police report? 

How will the public receive the Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland when it airs on HBO in March? 

Why did the NFL break tradition and cancel the press conference for their Super Bowl halftime performers which is Maroon 5 this year? 

Media Questions Of The Week

Is Malcolm-Jamal Warner right that The Cosby Show is forever tarnished because of Bill Cosby’s rape scandal?


Who will get into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame’s class of 2016 and will you vote on it?


Will Lee Daniels definitely write and direct a spin-off based on the Cookie Lyon character from Empire?

Media Questions Of The Week


Did Empire’s ratings drop the second week after its season 2 return because of “too much gay stuff and too many celebrity cameos?”

Is Lauryn Hill really working on the follow-up to the Miseducation, and if so, who is she working with?

Will Don Cornelius’s Soul Train be turned into a Broadway musical?