Media Questions Of The Week

How did Elton John become a fan of rapper and Strange Music label owner Tech N9ne’s music? 



Now that the House has voted to decriminalize marijuana at a federal level will the Senate do the same? 


Is the actress Letitia Wright a transphobic anti-vaxxer for questioning the COVID-19 vaccine and posting Tomi Arayomi’s video about it that has been taken down? 

Media Questions Of The Week


Did Elton John embellish anything for his book like his stories about Michael Jackson not being able to handle adult company and Tina Turner being abusive towards him?  

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Did Diddy really send the group Total to beat up Wendy Williams back in the ’90s?

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Now that En Vogue members Maxine Jones and Dawn Robinson reunited for the City of Hope’s Spirit Of Life Gala will this lineup appear in Coming 2 America? 

Throwback: Elton John-I Don’t Wanna To Go On With You Like That

[youtube id=”kaJRvZZBnX8″] Elton John called Reg Strikes Back a comeback album because it was a response to unfavorable press coverage and his first after having throat surgery. “I Don’t Wanna To Go On With You Like That” had one of the better videos for the era and John’s fiery refusal to be in a non-monogamous relationship was unforgettable.  Reg Strikes Back is usually disparaged because it is not from his wildly successful ’70s output but “I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That” was one of his last hits of the time and there were other underrated songs from the collection like “Camera Never Lies” and “A Word In Spanish.” At this point, John’s 21st album was already more than most artists create in a lifetime and he still had much more to say in the ’90s’. In 2016, Elton John’s 30th studio album, Wonderful Crazy Night was released to the satisfaction of the critics and fans. On April 6th, two tribute albums of Elton John songs recorded by various artists Revamp and Restoration will be released. 

Media Questions Of The Week


[youtube id=”LTKHYS4nWHk”] Was Elton John hating on Janet Jackson by claiming that she was lip-synched at the first stop in Dubai on her Unbreakable tour?


Will Melissa Harris-Perry return to MSNBC after walking off her show because she says the show was silenced during the presidential election or does she have another job?

Did Mark Ronson use The Sequence’s “Funk You Up” as inspiration for “Uptown Funk?”  [youtube id=”OPf0YbXqDm0″]

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