Mara TK Releases Debut Album Bad Meditation

Mara TK returns to music as a solo artist with the release of his debut album Bad Meditation today. The singer-songwriter was the frontman for New Zealand R&B trio Electric Wire Hustle. Bad Meditation is a collection of personal songs about his Māori heritage, loss and love.  He has spent the past five years since EWH released their last album The 11th Sky in 2016 learning new studio gear and finding his lone creative voice. Bad Meditation sounds like a series of soulful dirges blended in with some lighter tones that leave a permanent impression because of Mara’s haunting vocals. He also explained the feelings behind Bad Meditation in a press release: 

“Growing up poor, everything goes through our indigenous lens. Here in Aotearoa, we have our own Gods, our own values, our own ways of speaking that are different to the colonial/capitalist culture.”

Mara TK exclusively wrote and produced all of the songs with a couple of guest appearances from Kenyan R&B singer and songwriter Xenia Manasseh and Māori musician Troy Kingi. 




Mara TK Preps Solo Album & Gives Preview With Bad Meditation

Former Electric Wire Hustle frontman Mara TK breaks out with the solo single “Bad Meditation.” He emerges from the quarantine with a  therapeutic tune about organically processing grief without previous escape mechanisms. In a statement, he revealed how the loss of his grandfather led to creating the song. 

“I tried everything to plug up the void: antidepressants, molly, acid, hiking, running, dancing, Ritalin, one-night stands, six-month stands, spending money on jackets, airfares for bad friends, and so on. Eventually, I shut everyone out and I was finally alone. I takoto tÅ«pāpaku au [translation: I was like the dead who cannot move]. I would put on videos of the old people here talking – interviews with my elders. They said ‘Love yourself, forgive yourself. “

Mara’s grandfather was the link to his Maori/Scottish heritage in New Zealand. The perky movement of “Bad Meditation” is contrasted by  “Toroa/Alabatross” which is the other side of the single. The latter slows things down with a dedication to the Parikha refugee camp for Maorians whose land where Maorians gathered after having their land taken the New Zealand Land Wars. The video for “Toroa/Albatross” also debuted today. Both singles are from Mara’s upcoming album also titled Meditation. The 13-song project will be released on May 7th. 




Electric Wire Hustle-I Light A Candle Official Video

[youtube id=”9CYdN7jW1kg”] Electric Wire Hustle released their sophomore album, The 11th Sky earlier this year and “I Light A Candle” was heavily influenced by Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.  Young dancers performing in the street are the stars of the video in the absence of EWH’s band members.

Electric Wire Hustle Share I Light A Candle From The 11th Sky

Electric Wire Hustle is getting ready for the release of The 11th Sky on September 30th and “I Light A Candle” is the newest single from the album. Vocalist Mara TK pleads for the love of life to  feel the love of the moment forever. You can pre-order The 11th Sky now.