Throwback: Electric Soul- X ²


[youtube id=”PdXdjdep1Vc”]

“X ²”  was released in ’96 by Electric Soul, which is one of many aliases used by techno/house  producer Mike Banks. The electro-funk track became a staple during late-night mixes on Detroit radio and was released as a single on Direct Beat and the label’s Techno Bass: The Mission compilation. Banks is a key figure in Detroit’s techno and house music scene of the ’80’s through the ’90’s because of his contribution on several seminal records and the co-founding of  the group Underground Resistance and Submerge distribution. The Submerge building in Detroit is to techno what Hitsville U.S.A. is to Motown because of all the music history it holds as well as having the city’s only techno museum. Both organizations were inspired by the auto industry and are housed on the same street. “X ²” is one of Submerge’s many releases to epitomize the city’s electric ghetto funk. Mike Banks is currently touring Europe with Underground Resistance.