Watch Eddie Murphy In Trailer For Dolemite Is My Name

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Dolemite is Dead-Cocksure Entertainment Entrepreneur Rudy Ray Moore passes at 81

Los Angeles, California–Monday, October 20, 2008–Rudy Ray Moore has died. The entertainment maverick died in Ohio of complications from diabetes. According to a spokesman for his longtime collaborator and distributor, Xenon Pictures, he was in declining health over the last several years, suffering a stroke in 2006, along with chronic diabetes and kidney problems. Moore remained unstoppable until the end, and was seen just a few months ago in Las Vegas playing poker on his motorized scooter and more recently, calling Xenon and asking for a cab to pick him up when he “busts outta the [retirement home]”. He is survived by his four siblings, daughter Rusty, and his 98 -year-old mother Lucille.

R.I.P. Rudy Ray Moore